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Curvy Kelly Divine Gets Her Big Ass Stretched

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Where could Kelly Divine possible be hiding the priceless jeweled necklace Mr. Lopez contracted her to smuggle into Spain? His henchman checks inside her purse, her bra, and nothing she’s wearing has any pockets. Looks like the only place she could be hiding it is deep in her sumptuous whooty ass. Clover’s about to enjoy the work-day of his dreams, because until he finds that necklace, he’s got no choice but to probe the depths of her thick butt with a couple fingers, and then even deeper with his massive prick.

Title: Curvy Kelly Divine Gets Her Big Ass Stretched
Duration: 3:01
Category: Anal, Big Booty, Big Tits
Tags: Anal, assfuck, big boobs, Big Booty, big butt, big cock, Big Tits, deepthroat, doggystyle, knockers, stockings
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