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Cute Amateur Ellie Mae Gets Throat Fucked

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Ellie Mae is a nice girl, but she totally sucks at being a porn star. I have too much respect for our fans to release (what would have been) a steaming pile of porn shit. We cut bait on this chick the minute she half assed her job. She don’t wanna take it down the throat? No problem… there’s the door bitch. Don’t let it hit you on the ass on your way out. Yeah, it’s a tapout… but it’s better than trying to release a subpar scene. We have way more integrity than that.

Title: Cute Amateur Ellie Mae Gets Throat Fucked
Duration: 2:00
Category: Amateur, Big Tits, Oral Sex
Tags: amateur, big boobs, Big Tits, deepthroat, face fuck, facial, fetish, gag
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