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Naughty Danica Dillon Gets Her Tight Ass Drilled

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I wasn’t around the first time Danica Dillon was here so I can’t compare experiences. However, we have a general rule of thumb that when whores return for a second scene, we have to try and improve. I asked her how her first experience was and she replied, “miserable”. I knew I had my work cut out for me. She then confided that no one was able to make her barf the first time. So there it was… my goal… to get this hog to puke. Long story short… mission accomplished! I also attained some other personal goals… like getting her to cry. That made my cock so hard and the tears rolled down her face while filming. It seems that Danica is a softie at heart and calling her immature things like fat really strike a chord. So I did it… repeatedly. Aside from Danica bulking up a little (admittedly), she was a good bitch. She takes hard cock in the ass like a real champ. Good for you Danica Dillon… good for you!

Title: Naughty Danica Dillon Gets Her Tight Ass Drilled
Duration: 2:20
Category: Anal
Tags: Anal, assfuck, deepthroat, doggystyle, face fuck, facial, gag, gape, rough sex
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